Admit it GOT fans, we are all excited to watch the final season of Game Thrones.

But for the fans who cannot wait and want to feel the ambiance of the Westeros than usual, A game based on our well-loved series is out and it can be played online through our browsers.

The Browser Game is called “Game Of Thrones Winter is Coming.” Developed by a China-based Company Yoozoo Games that is officially licensed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment under license from HBO.

The storyline of the game starts at the death of Eddard Stark with the players who will play as his successor. From there, players will have to build their base, train armies and recruit followers. As the game progresses, players need to earn might, money, and influence to take the iron throne. Other players can invite their friends, join their armies and fight other human opponents.

There are also special storylines that let you experience actual scenes from the show and also characters from the show are included and have their own army to conquer the Iron Throne. It is also a simulation in which players will be taking the identities of characters and visit places in the story that is related to them.

Say playing the computer is not your forte, do not worry because there will a smartphone version of the game in collaboration with Tencent.

Game of Thrones’ last season will be airing at the 14th of April and is the shortest season of the series with only six episodes.

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